HAPS 50’s Fair. Roll fold DL Flyer

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HAPS 50's Fair. Roll fold DL Flyer

HAPS 50's Fair. Roll fold DL Flyer

This roll fold DL brochure was designed to advertise a 1950’s themed fair for 50’s enthusiasts, to be sent out in ‘Time Out’ magazine.

The brochure had to appeal to a very specific target audience. I conducted research into the era and styling associated with it. Keeping in mind the modern interpretation of the 50’s, I also targeted my design towards ‘hipsters and rockabilly’ sub-cultures.

The brochure was to be printed in offset printing so I emulated the design and printing restrictions of the 1950’s by making all images into halftone dots and limiting my colour use to one colour per section. Custom hand typography, the use of popular colours from the era and 1950’s inspired imagery created a well-received design.