Koala Not Included – KNI

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Koala Not Included - KNI

Koala Not Included - KNI

Koala Not Included (KNI) is a craft beer distribution business that personalises beer labels for events or businesses. I designed their logo and the business's first custom beer labels.

One of the business owners is a craft beer blogger who identified a gap in the craft brew market and started KNI to fill it. The blogger ‘Pozman’ had already established himself in the craft brew scene, so I decided to use a particular gimmick from the blog as an influence in the logo design. As ‘Pozman’ would stick a souvenir koala to the neck of a beer when reviewing beer, I referenced this in the KNI logo. The design I produced showed a souvenir koala holding on to the side of the KNI word-mark. The koala gives brand recognition to the business by associating KNI with the successful craft brew blog and YouTube channel ‘Pozman TV’.

I designed KNI’s logo/branding and produced their first three custom beer labels to help kick start their business.